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Pet Groomer Tips:

Become a Pet Groomer – Statistics

There are many reasons why people want to become a part of the pet grooming industry, whether it stem from a love for your own pet or simply a love for animals, there is more to pet grooming than meets the eye.
The pet grooming industry is ever growing, with infinite opportunity and possibility. If you are looking to further understand the pet industry, or perhaps be convinced that this is the industry to be in, keep reading.
To understand the opportunity for success within pet grooming, it is important to understand not only the grooming industry, but also the pet market, and what better way to understand than some good old statistics.

First up, what is the pet population?

Based on recent statistics, from February 2020.

Let’s talk spending…

Nationwide, pet owners spend on average £95 per month on their pet, reaching around £1150 a year.

The UK as a whole, spends nearly 10 Billion a year on their dogs.

The UK as a whole, spends nearly 8 Billion a year on their cats.
Over a quarter of pet owners admitting to pampering their pets above and beyond what is essential, with 88% of people admitting to spending up to £50 on extravagant presents.
(Source. One Poll 2015. Mintel 2015)
Recognising the way in which pet owners are increasingly pampering, spoiling and treating their pets as humans, demonstrates vast opportunities and potential within the pet industry and the pet grooming market. People want their pets to feel loved, comfortable, and cared for. So, the driving demand for pampering, grooming, and a royal like treatment is the key to recognising the potential for success and considering the opportunities that await you within this career.

Regional Demand

Looking at the statistics of the pet population across the UK, it is clear that as a nation we are in demand of pet related facilities, particularly grooming, as a groomed pet means a happy pet AND a happy owner.
However, it is important to look at the pet owner demographic within your area. This relates to age, sex, income level, class, education, what they buy, and if they drive, etc. Understanding this demographic will allow you to see the potential in pet grooming, not only in who your potential market is, but also what you can expect in terms of pets requiring grooming on a regular basis.
Share of households owning pets by type and region in the United Kingdom (UK) from 2016 to 2019
(Source Statistica 2021)
Above is a statistical survey that provides information of the leading pets owned by households in the United Kingdom between 2016 and 2019, although released in February 2020. This is an example of the statistics available that provides data on the regional cat and dog population (and more), and from this you can recognise the opportunity and demand within your area.
To read more on these statistics please click here 🡪

Popular Pets in the United Kingdom

(Source. Petplan 2018)
Petplans 2018 Pet Census, provides further insight in the UK’s pet owning households, providing infographics on the most popular pets on a more general scale, but again demonstrating the market of opportunity with pet grooming.
In terms of grooming, dogs are the most common of clients with the need for regular and consistent grooming. Pet Census highlights that dogs are the most popular across the United Kingdom, with 67% of pet owners owning dogs and this number remains at around 70% across the regions for dogs being the most popular pet. This again demonstrates the nationwide market that is pets and everything that comes with that, particularly pet grooming!

The Pet Care Market

Its undeniable that the UK is a nation of pet lovers, whether it be dogs, cats, rabbits, fish or hamsters, the number of people making these animals a part of their family is only increasing.
We’ve briefly touched on pet owner spending and the desire for owners to spoil their furry friends, but there is so much more to it! The pet market continues to grow, with a passion for pets leaving the pet care market bright-eyed and bushy tailed. Despite economic difficulty, whether it be BREXIT or Pandemics, pet owners across the nation remain loyal to provide for their pets, with 51% of British pet owners claiming they would cut back personal spending to ensure their pets are fully taken care of. Of course, no matter what’s going on, pets still need fed, groomed, and loved. Pets have become more than a companion, although cute in the truest form, the desire to stay on top of all the pet trends and looks has become a necessity. 30% of young pet owners feel staying on top of pet clothing and grooming styles is essential.
Now let’s see how this applies to the value of the pet care market today. Increasing from £5.1 billion in 2015 to £5.3 billion in 2019, the market was predicted to hit £5.5 billion in 2020, rising by 0.2billion within a year. The market is growing both steadily and rapidly, and with it the opportunity for success.
Being one of the large in Europe, the UK pet market is only going to expand. On a global scale, the pet grooming market has a compound annual growth of 4.7% forecast between 2015-2025. I’m telling you, it’s the market to be in.
Pets are the heart of modern-day families, and with this has come a significant demand for pet care facilities. Pet Grooming is not only an essential for most pets across the nation but is a way for owners to demonstrate their love and appreciation for their pet, keeping them healthy, well groomed, and fresh, as they would a child. Pet Grooming offers a 2 in 1 opportunity of both essential care and spoiling, keeping both the owner and the pet happy.

Why Is Pet Grooming A Good Career? The Benefits

The benefits of becoming a pet groomer goes above and beyond being around the comfort of furry friends. Of course, a pet grooming career is very rewarding for animal lovers, good for the soul some may say. Although, the benefits don’t stop there; with pet grooming comes infinite advantages. Whether it be the benefits of dog grooming alone, or inclusive of all the other furry friends out there, these advantages are enough to convince you, this is the career to be in. Keep reading to find out more.

The Pet Grooming Pros:

1. The love of animals

Now this is potentially the most obvious, and therefore rightfully the first point to make. If you have a love for animals, dogs, cats, rabbits, whatever your preference, you get to work with them as your job! Making them extra fluffy, clean, and healthy is your daily activity. It’s the classic tale of turning a passion and a hobby into a career, the dream, right?

2. Demand

If you had a look at our statistics section on the website, then this will make perfect sense for you. If not please CLICK HERE
As the statistics show, the number of pets in the UK is only increasing, with the passion to spoil and take care of pets becoming a trend amongst owners. With this, has come a demand for professional groomers who go above and beyond the basics. People treating pets as part of the family has led to an increasing budget, opening up the opportunity for pet groomers across the nation.

3. Flexibility

Giving you back that feeling of independence, pet grooming offers various opportunities (E.G. Mobile pet grooming: we’ll discuss this later!). Regardless, one of the biggest benefits any groomer will tell you, is the hours and adaptability that comes with the role. Although this varies depending on the route you choose, pet groomers are often able to determine their working hours and days per week, making it easy to fit in your daily tasks outside of work.

4. Creativity

Perhaps one that wouldn’t typically come to mind, but pet grooming offers you the chance to express your creativity. All pets are different, different dogs have different personalities, pet owners have different preferences, no two pets are the same. Your grooming duties give you a freedom of expression in the finishing touches, whether it be a certain technique for a fluffy coat, or accessories like bandanas and bows, these opportunities of creativity mean the job never gets boring and you get to develop your own artistic touch.

5. Room to learn and improve

Like most careers, pet grooming is a journey, your education goes past your initial training course and your drive to improve will only enhance as you encompass your grooming journey. From handling different clients, learning to take care of differing personalities, learning different cuts that suit the owners’ preference, the opportunity for learning and improvement never steps. Opportunity to learn and improve is not a benefit that should be discarded, as this is a pro that will give you that sense of self-fulfilment and offer that rewarding feeling we all crave. Being able to drive towards more and better will ensure this is not just another job, but a career, in which you can aim to become the best in your field.

6. Grooming Courses

You may already be convinced this is the career for you, but how easy is it to get into? Will it take ages before you’re qualified? Don’t worry, this isn’t where it all goes wrong!
An abundance of dog grooming courses or even just general pet grooming courses at varying lengths and costs mean you have choices and starting your journey couldn’t be easier. Analysing your level of expertise and the course that will suit you best, means you can pick depending on your needs and become the pet groomer you want to be.

7. It doesn’t get boring!

An important benefit of pet grooming that definitely isn’t talked about enough. Whether it be through the various different pets you get to take under your grooming wing, the chance to express your creativity or the infinite opportunity to learn and improve, all these factors mean every day is different and not a day will go without excitement. With each furry friend having different personalities and needs, and each owner having different requirements, you will need to adjust how you work with each dog. This offers variety to your day and keeping each and every appointment interesting.

8. Profit

Salary, job security and a steady income are not a benefit that can be played down, being a driving factor in taking on a new career or looking to improve in the career you’re in, it is potentially one of the most important (aside from the wholesome aspect of course…). Being one of the most demanding services within the pet industry, pet grooming will always be needed and offers a guarantee at a good salary no matter the pet grooming path you choose to take. With experience comes opportunity, and building a reputation, a relationship with clients, and a unique skill set, will allow you to grow financially and your efforts will not go unrewarded.

Coronavirus – The impact of the Pandemic

The impact of the pandemic on the pet industry is not something that has gone undiscussed. The British public has publicised concerns on the negative impact of the pandemic on pets. With people taking on pets because they are bored or out of work, and pets become overly attached and changing behaviour patterns as a result of the restrictions being put in place have all been a point of concern.
The PDSA looked into the change of behaviour habits, carrying out surveys on the five welfare needs, and finding changes with diet, behaviour companionship and health, but no changes regarding a pets’ environmental needs.
To read more on this please click here 🡪
(PDSA 2020.)
In terms of pet ownership, there was no significant difference found between whether owners got their pets before or after lockdown. The PDSA post lockdown survey found little change in the estimated population of adults in the UK who owned a pet. 24% of UK adults own a cat, 26% own a dog and 2% own a rabbit. With a small increase between cat and rabbit owners in the last year, there was no notable difference in the number of dog owners in the UK.
(Source PDSA. 2020)
Although the Coronavirus pandemic has impacted the world largely, the pet industry is one of the few not to take a notable blow.

Mobile Pet Grooming Professional Equipment

Ensuring you have all the necessary pet grooming (dog grooming) equipment will ensure you have all the necessities to carry out a professional and top standard grooming experience. You will find the absolute necessities listed below:
  1. Shampoo: A range of shampoos (and conditioners if needed) to deal with different coat types, and skin conditions.
  2. Clippers: An essential for any groomer for a uniform, effective and time efficient cut. Clipper Blades are also necessary to suit the haircut of each and every pet.
  3. Clipper Oil: Ensure your clipper blades stay working well.
  4. Comb attachment: These attach to your blade and come in various sizes depending on their purpose.
  5. Nail Clippers: To clip nails and avoid infection.
  6. Slicker brushes: To de-matt and brush hair.
  7. De-shedding tools: Help to remove the undercoat in shorter coats/hair lengths.
  8. Combs: To de-tangle and brush hair when styling or being detangled.
  9. Finishing dryer: To Dry the dog after washing so they are ready to groom.
  10. Blaster: Removes excess water after the wash – used before the finishing dryer.
  11. Scissors: You will most likely need a range of these, differing in size and style to help cover the various hair types, haircut, hair shape and hair style.
  12. Bath: These come in various shapes and sizes and will depend on the type of pets you are grooming.
  13. Grooming Table: Hydraulic and adjustable tables are helpful not only to the dog, but to your back!
  14. Steriliser: To keep your equipment squeaky clean.
  15. Bath Equipment: From mitts and sponges to jugs and combs.
  16. Ear and Private region cleaner/powder: To keep hygiene areas and ears disinfected and clean.
  17. Colognes and Perfumes: To give your client a fantastic smell that the owner will associate with a pleasant experience that is your business.
  18. Bows and Ribbons: An optional touch, but perfect to leave a finishing and personalised aspect on the owner’s furry friend.
You may find that there are more things, in fact you definitely will. Although, this is what pet groomers consider to be the basics and necessities in providing a smooth and professional grooming experience.

Mobile Pet Groomer Benefits

Are you looking for independence? Flexibility? Financial growth? The maybe the route of mobile pet grooming is for you. Let’s discuss why…

The Pros of Mobile Grooming

1. Independence and flexibility

This has been briefly touched on and is perhaps the biggest benefit of mobile pet grooming. Mobile pet grooming offers you the all the benefits of being self-employed, from choosing your own hours and days, your schedule is decided entirely by you. This means that you can work as much as you like, when you like, offering you the opportunity to increase your salary above your basic depending on how hard you work. Yes, you get to basically choose if you want a raise…
The flexibility option with mobile pet grooming means you can fit your working day around your life, school runs? Appointments? Family visits? Not a problem when you pick your appointments. The independence that comes with mobile grooming offers you a sense of control that can only come with being your own boss and is not something to be underestimated.

2. Clients

Being mobile, means you can travel to your clients and perhaps accommodate them as required. This means you can be guaranteed of clients as you are going to them, you’re making the grooming process as easy as can be. As well as this, the one-on-one relationship that is built through this personal service will allow you to build relationships not only with the owner, but with the furry friend themselves. This will allow the dog, cat etc. to become comfortable and familiar with you, and will often lead to repeat and regular clients, guaranteeing you busy business.

3. Your space is your space

Rather than having to share salon space, or work in someone else’s business, you have your own space to maintain and style as you desire. This not only allows you to develop a familiarity and comfort within your mobile salon but allows you to express a personal touch in the comfort of your own ‘work home’.
Having a space that is free of other pets is often appealing to the pet owner too, as it eliminates potential stress, flees and distraction from the pet grooming experience, this offers a selling point for you when promoting your mobile grooming service.

4. Word of mouth

Mobile pet grooming offers a personal service, making each owner and pet feel valued in a way that a uniform and generic grooming salon can’t. This will allow you to build a positive reputation and relationship with your clients and this is the most valuable and priceless form of promotion. Often being a community-based service, people who have a personal relationship with you as the groomer will be more likely to recommend you to other pet owners. This will bring you in outside clients and allow you to build your cliental within your mobile grooming region and community.

Pet Grooming Courses and Qualifications

If you’re looking to become a pet groomer (dog groomer), it’s important to understand where to get started. From grooming courses and qualifications to costs and fees, anything you’re unsure about in learning to become a pet groomer… we’ve got you covered!
There are various grooming courses out there, dog grooming courses offer various levels of skills and diplomas, costs range from less to more and the decision solely lies with you and what is suitable. The best answer to your question is research, finding out what is out their and making your decision based on narrowed down choices.
To help you, we have put together an outline of the costs you can expect, combined from various grooming schools and courses in the UK. You will also find links to some of the grooming schools to look at, but again these may not be convenient for you in terms of location, so consider this the boost you need to get you started.

The different qualification levels and what they include:

Note. These levels are based on different qualifications and may not be listed under the same title – varies by grooming course.

● Level 1 Certificate/Diploma :

This is perfect if you are looking to get a taster into what dog grooming really is or if you are looking to brush up on your dog grooming skills. Although this course will not qualify you to be a professional dog groomer if you have no experience, it will allow you experience in grooming, to see if you would like to progress in this field. If you are a hairdresser, or have previous dog grooming experience in the past, this will allow you to build your confidence and skills to help you on your dog grooming journey.

● Level 2 Certificate/Diploma:

Suitable for dog grooming assistants. This level 2 qualification is perfect for those starting off in the dog grooming industry and requires no previous qualifications or dog grooming experience. These courses range from 10 days to 30 days and will teach you the skills and knowledge needed to become a dog grooming assistant.
Level 2 certificates are commonly required among grooming schools before you can complete a level 3 certificate.

● Level 3 Certificate/Diploma :

This course is suitable for those looking to learn the necessary skills to become a professional dog groomer and progress in their career. These courses often teach extended dog grooming skills and look to build your confidence. This is why most grooming schools will prefer you have a Level 2 Diploma as a base to build on. Although, if you are looking to jump ahead, some courses will teach you all at once.
These courses can last 20-60 days, depending on what you choose. If you are looking to become a professional all round dog groomer, Level 3 Diplomas are the way forward.


When it comes to cost, there really is no set number. Grooming courses are priced based on length, qualifications provided (Certificate level), the skill set of those doing the teaching and even the skill set of yourself.
If you have experience, you may find you only need a day refresher course, in which case your costs will be lower. However, if you are starting from scratch, costs can go up to the high thousands, so dog grooming taster days are perfect to be sure this is the career for you.
  • One Day Tasters
    £50 – £200
  • Level 1 Certificate/Diploma
    £500 – £1000
  • Level 2 Certificate/Diploma
  • Level 3 Certificate/Diploma

Grooming Schools

Having touched on the potential costs of becoming a groomer, it is important that you spend your money wisely and pick where you get your education and skills to become a dog groomer. Below, you will find some key factors to look for when choosing your grooming course.

● Experienced trainers :

Being taught by experienced trainers who are experts in the field of grooming, will ensure they are passing on their vast and practiced knowledge. This will equip you with the skills that can otherwise only be discovered with time and give you the boost needed to start of as a professional dog groomer.

● Live Dog Models:

Live dog models, that ideally don’t need to be shared, will allow you to practice the skills you have been taught and perfect them. This means that when you take on your first client, it isn’t your first rodeo.

● Small Class Sizes:

Smaller classes will mean a more personal teaching style, and the trainer will not only be able to give you the personal guidance and training you need, but also adapt the learning to your skill level, rather than trying to accommodate multiple students.

● Certification:

A certificate of your dog grooming course will not only look good hung up for your new clients but will help you take off on your dog grooming journey. Be sure you are spending your money on a respected and legitimate course that will leave you with a respected certificate.

● The atmosphere:

Nobody wants to learn in a hostile, pressured and negative atmosphere. Make sure you pick your course in a place that makes you feel comfortable, so you can learn in the best environment for you. This is why dog grooming taster days are great.
Becoming a pet groomer is not based entirely on how much you spend or the course you complete, it is down to the effort you are willing to put in. Trial and Error, am I right?

Pet Grooming Price Guide

Whether you are interested in pet grooming and what you can expect with different clients, or you are unsure how to charge, below is a rough guideline on pricing your services based on other pet groomers in the UK.
  • Extra Small Dogs E.G. Chihuahuas and Pomeranians
  • Small Dogs E.G. Shih Tzu, Miniature poodles, and Yorkshire Terriers
  • Medium Dogs E.G. Cockerpoo’s and Cocker Spaniels
  • Large Dogs E.G. Labradors and German Shepherds
    From £45
  • Extra Large Dogs E.G. Great Dane
    From £65
Of course, these prices don’t include outside factors such as time, area, or overheads. It also doesn’t consider up-selling and additional services you may charge for. These are simply a base price based primarily on the size of the pets you groom, mainly dogs, that can be altered depending on infinite factors.
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