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As pet owners, we all know that dogs can get fairly filthy, very quickly. Wetter months mean puddles and mud encounters on your daily dog walking sessions. Alternatively the summer months can also lead to hotter and uncomfortable weather for your dog, leading to excessive shedding of fur. 

The amount of grooming required for your dog will greatly depend on the breed you have. However, our mobile dog grooming services provide you with everything you need to keep your four legged friend looking fresh.

Thanks to our door-to-door service, you can say goodbye to those long drives to the groomers. Simply pick a slot that suits you, click the button and we’re on our way. Our community of dog grooming professionals operate all over the UK, so we’re never too far away.


The Complete Mobile Dog Grooming Experience

Our mobile dog grooming service offers your pet everything they need to keep happy and healthy. This includes:

  • Full wash and dry with coat care and conditioning
  • Blow dry and full coat trim to breed standard or personal preference
  • De-matting and de-shedding as required
  • Styling to breed standard or personal preference
  • Ear cleaning
  • Sanitary cleaning and trim
  • Nail trimming and care
  • Fragrance

Simply choose from any or all of these options to create your dog grooming experience. All you need to do is create your appointment online at a time that suits you. Our expert groomers will then pick your pooch up and complete the treatments there outside your home in our state of the art mobile units. 

Making Grooming Simpler and Easier

With TrimPet’s dog grooming services, you no longer need to worry about driving your pet to a salon and then have to head back out to pick them up several hours later. If your dog suffers from car or travel sickness, or can’t stand being in the car, then you’ll understand how difficult it can be to take your dog anywhere, especially the groomers.

Because our groomers come to you, dog grooming with TrimPet helps to eliminate any stress by performing the grooming session right outside your home. All of our expert groomers and stylists are fully insured and have the best experience and training to ensure that they provide top quality grooming services.

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